Behind the product

We are not a Sustainable brand.

The most sustainable thing to be as a Clothing brand is not existing.

We source materials from all over the world: Fabrics from Colombia and Japan, hardware from Germany and France, and then we finish construction and production here in Mexico City.

So definitely we are not Sustainable.
There are a ton of really cool brands out there, with great products and stories.

But why are we doing this?
We believe that making a great product with the best materials and timeless design. is way more sustainable than greenwashing.
because the product lasts for a good amount serving its main purpose. cover our physical being and always looking fresh.
We truly believe that we come to the world, for cultivating relationships for the revelation of a better you, we think that to access spiritual gains it needs to be through the physical world.
With our gear we improve the physical condition to experience the now in the physical world. Learning from the past for a better now is our ethos, we learn from the past for living in the now, Comfortable clothes —those that feel like an extension of our skin— are necessary to awake, to grow, and to evolve.


    Artemisa is a master sampler. She studied textile engineering at UNAM and graduated with honors. As a tireless wanderer, Artemisa lives trying to perfect her craft every single day. Whenever there’s a new fashion design program, she goes on YouTube and learns how to master it. She really is a freakin’ genius.


    Alexa and Raul are the cap couple. After working for many years in the factory that produces caps for the Mexican baseball league, they decided to establish on their own. In 2019, they started their own business. 3 years after becoming independent creators, Alexa and Raul mastered the art of crafting caps. Everytime we talk to them, we end up learning a lot about how to add new features and improvements to the caps we create. We truly love working with them!


    Octavio is a master tailor. He lived in Naples, Italy for 15 years, where he worked and perfected his craft in the best suit factories in the area. He then decided to return to Mexico City, his hometown, to launch his own consulting business in suit tailoring, clothing architecture and pattern making.