The human being is a curious animal. A nomad of land and thoughts, capable of amplifying its consciousness and connecting with nature. mucha(c)arne was born for the traveler of worlds: A brand designed to go with you on your trip. 

In our time, the only indispensable yet most forgotten means of transport is our body. Our (c)arne is the vehicle of our movement. At mucha(c)arne our design is engineered to protect and evolve with you. We make sure to optimize the physical conditions for your trip: pants that can handle everything, all-weather jackets, comfortable tees, and everything you may need regardless of the circumstance.

Life is a trip: changes of outlook, twisted perspectives, disruption of the establishment, intentioned experience, exploration of the whole that we are part of, and going down the road. Always walking. At mucha(c)arne we walk with you. 

For movement, for consciousness

A hike in the mountains, outdoor meditation, camping in the jungle, or a mystical experience. Whatever your trip is, we have the clothes and accessories that travel with you. We know that a big part of these experiences is having the right gear to enjoy them. 

Carne, mucha (c)arne

The Aztecs called magic mushrooms Teonanácatl, flesh of the gods (Carne de d-os). The latin word res, which in Spanish is used as a synonym for meat, signifies substance. In a philosophical way, it means materiality. From those distinct (however not antagonistic) conceptions mucha(c)arne was born, because meat is abundance, corporeity, and nature. And we want a lot of that.  

 We sprouted from an awakening of consciousness

Our epiphany was the instant when we realized we are nature. We recognized that we are connected to something bigger and that we can understand it. Comfortable clothes —those that feel like an extension of our skin— are necessary to awake, to grow, and to evolve. Find them here.