We are not a sustainable brand. 

The most sustainable thing a clothing brand can do is not exist.


We source materials from all over the world. We use fabrics from Colombia and Japan, hardware from Germany and France, and then we finish the tailoring and production here, in Mexico City.


So we are definitely not sustainable.

There are a ton of really cool brands out there, with great products and stories.


But… Why are we doing this?

We believe that making a great product with the best materials and timeless design is much more sustainable than greenwashing, because our products last for a good amount of time fulfilling their main purpose: to cover our physical being while making it look fresh and fashionable.

We truly believe that we come to the world to cultivate relationships, to find the best version of ourselves. We believe that, in order to achieve spiritual growth, we must begin to do so through the physical world.

With our gear, we improve the physical condition to experience the present in the material world. Learning from the past for a better now is our «ethos»: we learn from the past to live in the present. Comfortable garments —that feel like an extension of our skin— are necessary to awaken, grow, and evolve.